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Key Features:

ON TIME GUARANTEE:  We guarantee that your derby will start on time.  If not, our fee is reduced.  How do we do this?  As the top promoter in the midwest, we have the experience and procedures in place to make sure our own events run smoothly and on time.  We bring that same performance to your event.  Our crew is the most professional you will find. 

SAFETY FIRST:  We have detailed rules and measures in place that protect drivers and fans.  We perform detailed inspections of the cars to ensure they are built to be safe.  The driver safety procedures leave no doubt about protecting drivers and we also create the berms to ensure the action stays inside the track.  We have never had a major injury at our shows, as don't intend to.

ACTION PACKED SHOW:  Including your show in our annual points race attracts top drivers from around the midwest.  The level of competition at our shows keeps the fans screaming for more.  Our experienced crew keep the action moving. 

Additional Services:

Ultimate Derby is a full service promoter and upon request can also offer:

  • Event Design
  • Merchandise Design and Sales
  • Video Production
  • Event Marketing
  • Driver Registration and Services
  • Sponsorship Programs
  • Trophies/Awards

Need References:

No Problem!  We have many satisfied clients we can put you in touch with.

Ready to take your fair's demolition derby to the next level?

Contact Ultimate Derby for a professional proposal and no fee presentation to your county fair board:

Ultimate Derby
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